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Hi, I'm Theodene

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Growing up in Pearl City, my parents instilled in me a desire to serve others. My three older brothers and I were all thrown into 4H with our mother as our clubs’ leader. In 4H, we did tons of community service, including sign waving with political candidates! After attending public schools in Pearl City, I attended college in the Midwest and returned about a decade or so later. Befriending the community is important to me. Knowing families by name and concerns adds value as an elected official.

I want to hear about family celebrations, pains, and challenges along the way. I am a child of God; in fact, my name, Theodene, means "child of God." While I did not grow up in church, I grew to love the Lord in college and beyond. Now, my family and I worship and serve with a bible preaching church congregation not from home. 


For eight years, I advocated for transitioning Army wounded, ill, and injured soldiers and their families as they went from a military career back to civilian. I listened to their hurts and their challenges as they were faced with an unknown future. Along with their trusted team of transition and medical professionals, I helped to guide them to see the hope waiting for them and their families on the other side of their DD214, their military discharge. I never felt strong enough as a person to serve in the military, so advocating for them was my way of giving back to the military community.

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Serving the People is Listening to the People.

With a community that wants to be heard and have someone to share their ideas and values with in an honest and fair discussion, I will be their Champion. I will advocate for the Pearl City community and what is most needed for the livelihoods of individuals and families in this time of inflation, rising gas prices, grooming of our keiki, and neighborhood security. Promoting healthy eating and lifestyle as well as sustainability will strengthen our community where our neighbors are family. We are stronger together!

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