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Take Part in Something Great

Why I Am Running for State House

From Pearl City, For Pearl City.

Aloha! I am Theodene Allen and I decided to run for Congress because many in our community weren't happy with the decisions being made on Capitol Hill I decided to join the movement locally and attend a meeting within the district. It was surprising to me that there were less than 5 of us in attendance with a population of over 45,000, way below the 80/20 Pareto Principle I was expecting! This was eye-opening! I had emailed all our Congressmen (and women) and our legislature as well as the Governor and Lt Governor. It was surprising to me that most did not reply at all while one replied after about three months.

This got me thinking, are elected officials working for their constituents? Or do they believe they can vote however they want just because they were elected? Are anyone's voices actually being heard? Is anyone out there even saying anything?

There are lots of career politicians and a handful of new names. There were some people shifting to different roles, even new districts due to the reapportionment.


Through prayer and encouragement from others, I decided to add my name to the list. I want to hear from the community! Let's have conversations about issues that concern you and your family! How and why would you want an issue to go one way or the other? I want to listen to how decisions made in the legislature affect the people of my community. How can I encourage and pray for you and your family?

What I am Fighting For

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